Maybe you’ve been there. Maybe your dog is a good dog — or at least 75% of the way there. She usually listens, frequently comes when called, but you just wish there could be a little more consistency. Or maybe you love your dog, but there are some real problems. He gets aggressive with other dogs, meaning you can’t go to the dog park, or you’ve noticed him growling at children, which is a serious problem.

At 360 K9 Training, we get it. There’s can be an enormous risk when your dog has problems, considering there are 90 million pet dogs in the United States, and about 4.5 million dog bite cases that happen yearly. In some states and in some cases, if a dog bites someone — particularly a child — the owner can be forced to have the dog euthanized. Nobody wants that to happen, and that’s why we put more than four years of experience to work helping dog guardians deal with large and small problems alike.

Remember that, like people, dogs are creatures that are capable of intelligence and changing their behavior. They’re also pack animals, meaning that they thrive in an environment that’s consistent and structured. We use proven and positive methods to train both dogs and their people to be smarter, more responsible, and more responsive. To take the first step toward a happier dog, contact us online or by phone today!